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Hi, I'm

Freelance developer and weeb.

About me

Oh, hi. I'm 15 and I write code, game and watch anime. There are many people who do the same thing day in, day out, but apparently I'm unique so it's a "big deal."
I have a Switch, my friend code is SW-7742-6311-8132, and I have Nintendo Online, so that's epic.
In my spare time, I go to incidents I hear on my scanner and take photos of the emergency vehicles there. Odd, but I find it fun.
So that's what I do, thanks for stopping by.

How many online handles do I have?

len("Joshek, JoshekDev, SkryptKiddie, Joshkek")

Technically, the answer is 40. Literally, the answer is 4.

Why so many site redesigns?

My taste in design changes often, that's for certain. My other complaint is that I can't make a responsive site, so that's why the last revision was a W3.CSS template. I'm hoping that this design style will stick for longer. Thanks to kfw8 for ideas with design too!

Contact me

The easiest way to get in touch with me is via Discord or Twitter. My Discord tag is Joshek#1024 and my Twitter handle is @JoshekDev.
My PGP public key is available here, if that matters to you.